Poetry By Diane Klammer

2015-09-30 09.25.39-1

Vail Pass photo by Adam Perry

by Diane Klammer

Any race
can be re-ridden
circles of loss
circles of gain

Rotating tires vibrate volumes
over curves in the road
pupils blinking
an eyelash-brush away
from a crash of wheels

Green automobiles spew exhaust
like ferocious dragons
horns roaring fire

Hush the rotation of the earth
quiet the orbit
Sensations of spinning
dizzies the brain

The rider gasps for breaths
igniting fire in the legs,
entertains fantasies of flying

The course was set
before the pedal was invented
It’s a long way underneath
Moon cycles

Tip the gears
in a favorable direction
Conclude before eve
Avoid the fall


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