SEEKING SUBMISSIONS (The Return of Iron Velo)


“Spring Training”

It’s been a few years – during which I’ve been incredibly busy playing drums in a touring alt-country band, working as a paralegal, writing about music and being a Family Guy – but it is time for Iron Velo’s return. Last year was an atypically slow year for me with cycling, as I did no extensive bike tours and rode just over 1,000 recreational miles. But in just over three months so far in 2018 I’ve been on the road, and some dirt trails, in Colorado and California quite a bit (over 550 miles) and feeling very inspired to write about the amazing, imperfect, inspiring challenge of life on two wheels again.

Soon, will again be a space for myself and many others to wax poetic about bicycling, review products, recap bike tours and also share cycling-related photography and art. We are currently accepting submissions of the aforementioned kind, so we hope to hear from you at

Hey ho, let’s go!

— Adam


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